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Kuro 'Getsuga' Chef Knife
Kuro 'Getsuga' Chef Knife
Kuro Knife Knife
Kuro Knife Knife
Kuro 'Getsuga' Chef Knife
Kuro 'Getsuga' Chef Knife

Kuro 'Getsuga' Chef Knife

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Kuro 'Getsuga' Chef Knife Specs: 

- AUS-10 Japanese Steel Core, Taiwan cladding
- 8″ Gyuto style Japanese chef knife (about 20.3cm) to fit small to medium chopping boards
- Heat-treated, blackened, hammered blade for a signature look that stands out
- 62 times folded Damascus wave design
- Blade Hardness- HRC: 60±2 for durability
- G10 round black handle that is waterproof and heat-resistant

Read more about the thought process behind the creation of Kuro 'Getsuga' knife.

Here's what chefs have to say:

"This 8 inch knife is weighted and is efficient in cutting big things like whole chicken. The blade of the knife is thick and sturdy which also enable one to cut food in fine thin slices. The length of the handle is just nice and it's comfortable to hold. Aesthetically it looks beautiful as they weld the knife with a nice wavy pattern. Definitely a knife to use and to gift!"

- Chef Caohui, Zugorama Gourmet Academy Chef

"When I was using the knife, I felt that it was pretty well-balanced and the handle was very comfortable. I would recommend this knife for HDB home-dwellers. The balance and length of the knife is pretty suitable for chopping boards at home"

- Chef Greg, Puri Puri Head Chef, Food Hygiene Course Trainer

"My verdict on this knife is that it's very good. It's very sharp, it's very balanced; it is somewhere in between a specialist knife and a normal knife"

- Chef Lionel, Ambassador For World Food Travel Association

"The Kuro is fantastic, and perfect for taking something really simple and making it exquisite."

- Chef Ivan, The 1925 Brewing Co. Chef-Founder