Kagoshima Wagyu A5 Box 鹿児和牛
Kagoshima Wagyu A5 Box 鹿児和牛
Kagoshima Wagyu A5 Box 鹿児和牛
Kagoshima Wagyu A5 Box 鹿児和牛
Kagoshima Wagyu A5 Box 鹿児和牛
Kagoshima Wagyu A5 Box 鹿児和牛

Kagoshima Wagyu A5 Box 鹿児和牛

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Kagoshima A5 Wagyu

  • 2 x Kagoshima A5 Wagyu Ribeye 200-220g ($108)
  • 2 x Kagoshima A5 Wagyu Tenderloin 180-200g ($115)
  • Ribeye thickness 0.8-1cm
  • Tenderloin thickness 1.5cm-2.5cm

*Minimum order of 4 steaks total. Choose your cut in the dropdown. Free delivery in Singapore. Please pick delivery date preference, we will contact you to confirm - 3 working days advance order.

Additional info:

  • The meats come frozen and can be kept up to 3 months in the freezer.
  • A5 is the highest marbling score in Japan.
  • Each piece weight/size might vary a little but the overall total weight will be as advertised or more.
  • If you would like a thicker ribeye cut, you can request via delivery instructions to cut your two 200g ribeyes to one 400g piece instead. Delivery date will extend a week to process.

Kagoshima Prefecture took the top spot in the overall Wagyu Olympics of 2017 (全国和牛能力共進会), beating out second-place Miyazaki Prefecture which won the 2012 edition. The nationwide Wagyu olympics is held every 5 years. Kagoshima's wagyu black cattle (Kuroge 黒毛) have a signature tenderness and full-bodied flavour with even marbling throughout.

Wagyu Tenderloin Note:

Do note that as the tenderloin primal is in a cone shape, final steak cut shape may vary widely.

Recommended sake pairing: Nihonsakari Junmai Daiginjo Namazake

Consider pairing this wagyu with a bottle of Nihonsakari Junmai Daiginjo Namazake, which contains rich flavours of rice and fresh fruity aroma that will pair well with the fatty beef. This sake won the Gold Medal in Fine Sake award Japan in 2019.

Recommended cooking method:

Store steaks in the freezer if not consuming within 3 days. Ensure steaks have warmed to room temperature first - defrost 24 hours in fridge/chiller, then leave steak out at room temperature 1 hour before cooking. Wagyu is best enjoyed medium to medium-rare so there is sufficient cooking time for the fats to render.

You can also try slicing into small strips and cook each strip one at a time, or cooking it as a whole steak if you like.

No oil is required as the fats will be sufficient. Turn up the heat as much as possible. You can season before or after searing with sea salt.

Pan sear at high heat for 30-45s for each side of wagyu ribeye steak.

Pan sear at high heat for 1min 30s to 2mins for each side of thicker wagyu tenderloin steak. You can consider basting the tenderloin with butter for a crispier crust layer and added flavour.