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Hokkaido Bafun Bara Uni (250g)
Hokkaido Bafun Bara Uni (250g)
Hokkaido Bafun Bara Uni (250g)

Hokkaido Bafun Bara Uni (250g)

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Bafun uni or sea urchin, falls under the 'Aka 赤' (red) uni category which has a darker orange colour compared to the lighter yellow Murasaki uni which falls under 'Shiro 白 (white)' category. Taste-wise, it is also more intense and creamy in flavour. Bafun uni comes from a smaller, short-spined sea urchin, harvested from much deeper ocean depths - the uni shell resembles 'horse dung' and hence its name.

Bara Uni is an arrangement that Uni farmers use to create a woven alignment of Uni. Bara uni tends to be a bit smaller than narabi however, some chefs love it as the smaller pieces of uni can have an even higher concentration of umami flavour in them.

Please keep chilled at all times - Fresh Uni can be kept refrigerated up to 5 days upon receiving order.

Singapore uni delivery:

Our team will contact you to confirm delivery date upon receiving your order, based on uni arrival in Singapore for the week. It will take usually 3-5 days.

Every week, our team bids for fresh Uni weekly in the Japan market with varying supplier/brands, which is then air-flown to Singapore.

Storing instructions:

Note that for maximum freshness, Bafun uni can only be kept in the chiller up to a maximum of 5 days upon receipt. Do not freeze your uni as it will spoil.

*Do note that due to festive periods or during typhoons, Uni will be short in supply in Japan and prices are subject to change.