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Featured Farms

Learn more about the amazing farms from where we bring in quality wholesale products for our customers.

Blackmore Wagyu (Victoria, Australia)

blackmore wagyu

Blackmore Wagyu is an award winning and internationally recognised producer of 100% Fullblood Wagyu beef, cattle that are not diluted with any other breed.

Blackmore Wagyu's breeding program combines Japan’s three most famous Wagyu bloodlines; Itozakura and Kikumidoi to increase size, fertility and robustness. They also use Japan’s most famous Wagyu cow, Kikutsuru, and her equally famous Wagyu sons, Tanifukudoi and Dai 2 Yasutanidoi to increase carcass quality, which covers all quality traits and not restricted to marbling alone. The third bloodline is the exclusive Okudoi 100% Tajima cow family. This family is a descendant from the only 100% Tajima cow ever to be exported from Japan, Kinu 1.

Blackmore Wagyu Beef have established a new standard, called Eco-feeding® which will deliver a new benchmark for animal production. Eco-feeding® is a multi-faceted standard that includes animal welfare and husbandry, environmental management, nutrition, food safety and product integrity.

Blackmore's secret feed ration is fully sustainable with natural feed commodities that are not usable for human consumption. The objective is to feed their Wagyu animals natural commodities that are by-products of human food production. This all implements the maximum standards for animal production, far exceeding industry requirements.

Morgan Ranch (Nebraska, USA)

morgan ranch beef

Morgan Ranch produces one of the finest American Wagyu beef, but also carry Hereford and Angus breeds. Located in Burwell, Nebraska, the Morgan Ranch sits in the heart of the Sandhills. With its abundant grasses, perfect climate, and plentiful spring-fed streams, the region is widely recognized as among the best cattle producing areas in the world.

Sitting atop the world’s largest underground water resource, the Ogallala Aquifer, the Sandhills provide a rich, natural environment recognized by the American Audubon Society for special designation and by the World Wide Fund for Nature as a distinct eco-region, with as much as 85% intact as a natural habitat, the highest level in the Great Plains. However, as the largest and most intricate wetland ecosystem in the United States, the Nebraska Sandhills are fragile environment and provide a constant lesson on value of conservation. You can learn more about the Eastern Sandhills from this nature guide.

Nozaki Farm (Kagoshima, Japan)

nozaki wagyu

Nozaki farm specializes in fattening Kagoshima-raised Japanese Black cattle wagyu. Top-Grade Japanese Black cattle with a grade of 4 and above is produced here. Approximately 70% of the beef shipped by Nozaki is graded A-5.

The leaves generated from harvesting the sugarcane are used as feed for the breeding cows, the calves of which are fattened at Nozaki. Twice a year Nozaki holds an in-house event called the Nozaki-gyu Competition. It is only at this time that the farm staff, tenders, and others become rivals and compete for victory and are always looking for ways to constantly improve.

If you close your eyes and listen while in Nozaki's livestock barn the only sounds you will hear are classical music softly playing in the background and the ventilation fans turning. The cattle are fully relaxed and calm.

The thorough management technology and deep consideration for the cattle used to raise these cattle has earned them many awards in Kagoshima Prefecture in Japan. Nozaki-gyu made history by being the first brand ever to win top honors for two consecutive years (2005-2006) at the National Beef Cattle Dressing Competition held at the Tokyo Meat Market.

Stone Axe (New South Wales, Victoria, Australia)

Stone axe wagyu

Winner of the 2020 Wagyu Branded Beef Competition in the full blood Japanese Black category. Stone Axe's Full Blood Wagyu beef comes from their breeding herds, dispersed across several breeding farms in New South Wales and Victoria, all of which are managed by Stone Axe’s own staff. Each property is situated over 1000m above sea level, resulting in a climate that enhances conditions for the breeding and raising of Full Blood Japanese Black Wagyu. This means cattle are able to grow and mature to their potential with access to natural shelter, clean fresh air, water and pasture, all in a low stress environment.

In the early 1990s, entrepreneur Chris Walker (father of Stone Axe Co-founder Mathew Walker) was convinced of the potential future of Full Blood Japanese Black Wagyu in Australia. As there was no protocol between Japan and Australia to import cattle directly, Chris went about the long and difficult process of bringing these prized genetics into Australia via the USA.

Today these origins are contained in the Stone Axe herd that numbers in the thousands and spans several farms across the high country of New South Wales and Victoria. And to this day, the herd maintains 100% Full Blood Japanese Black Wagyu genetics, resulting in beef of the highest possible quality - the definitive taste of Australian Full Blood Wagyu.

ICON Wagyu (Australia)

icon wagyu

Serving amazing F1 Wagyu in Australia, this ICON has carefully created a specialised selection program resulting in a high quality cattle. They work in close partnerships with high performing farmers and utilise only the best Full Blood Wagyu genetics to achieve consistently superior F1 carcass weights, marbling and meat quality.

Raised in a 100% natural environment, ICON's cattle are sustainably grown out by families of passionate and dedicated cattlemen and women before entering specialised feedlots renowned for long feeding programs.

Tender Valley (Australia)

Tender valley beef

Decades of finessing the art of producing the most superior Australian grain fed beef for the discerning Japanese market, has helped Tender Valley achieve beautifully refined Black Angus beef.

Exclusivity and quality combine with consistency and availability to deliver a very special marble score 3+ beef product for our customers.

To produce beef this good, you need superior genetics, a perfect environment, unparalleled expertise and world class facilities. Tender Valley Black Angus beef is the result of all of these factors coming together.

Raised on fertile grazing regions, specialist nutritionists deliver a highly refined and tightly guarded staged ration program of locally produced cereals and grain products to compliment the various growing and maturing phases of the livestock. For a minimum of 200 days their cattle benefit from this specialised diet which produces exquisite, substantially marbled beef.

Animal welfare is at the very fore of their operations. Cattle able to walk from their feedlot to processing – happy, healthy and content livestock are the secret ingredients for delivering a tender end product.