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Hokkaido Murasaki Narabi Uni (250g)
Hokkaido Murasaki Narabi Uni (250g)
Hokkaido Murasaki Narabi Uni (250g)
Hokkaido Murasaki Narabi Uni (250g)

Hokkaido Murasaki Narabi Uni (250g)

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Air-flown from Hokkaido weekly, the best Murasaki uni season is during Summer / early Autumn (July - September) in Japan. Lighter yellow Murasaki uni 紫うに falls under 'Shiro 白 (white)' category, while Bafun uni is considered 'Aka 赤' (red) uni category which has a darker orange colour - Murasaki uni is rarer and more premium than Bafun, with 95% available only through Japan's auction. 

Taste-wise, it is cleaner and sweeter in flavour. Murasaki uni comes from a purple coloured, long-spiked sea urchin. Murasaki means purple in Japanese and hence its name. 

The 'narabi' arrangement of uni refers to consistent sizes and perfectly shaped portions of uni being hand-picked rather than the random and odd pieces you will see for 'bara' uni; hence narabi uni commands a premium. 

Singapore uni delivery:

Our team will contact you to confirm upon receiving your order. 

Orders are collated every Saturday by 23.59pm.

Every week, our team bids for fresh Uni weekly in the Japan market with varying supplier/brands.

Uni is then air-flown to Singapore and sent to you on Thursday between 10am-1pm. Free delivery within Singapore.

Storing instructions:

Note that for maximum freshness, Murasaki uni can only be kept in the chiller up to a maximum of 3 days upon receipt. Do not freeze your uni as it will spoil.