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Salmon & Lobster Seafood Box (Sold Out)

We've heard spectacular reviews for our salmon and lobster in our previous seafood box and we're back to bring you more value for those. Fresh fishes are caught from Malaysia and vacuum sealed at Jurong Fishery Port, then blast frozen within 2 hours to retain freshness. In addition to the fresh local fishes, we're also adding premium imported seafood like Boston lobsters and Norwegian salmon.

I'm personally a fan of cooking fresh pomfrets (especially for steaming) and I'm adding two of those here too: Chinese Pomfret and Golden Pomfret.

Seafood Box ($150)

2 x Canadian Boston Lobsters - Cooked (400 - 500g), sea-farmed
2 x Norwegian Salmon Fillets (450 - 500g per pc), sea-farmed
2 x Sea Bass Fillets (200 - 250g per pc), sea-farmed
1 x Whole Chinese Pomfret (400 - 500g), wild-caught
1 x Whole Golden Pomfret (500 - 600g), wild-caught
1 x 21/25 Tiger Prawns (700g), sea-farmed

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Norwegian salmon sale singapore

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