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May Day Meat Box (Sold Out)

In this edition of our May Day Meat Box, we're featuring two different variations of the meat box - one of which is the premium all-Australian Wagyu box.

The first Meat box is extremely value-for-money, featuring six Black Angus MB3+ steaks from Tender Valley farm, Australia. The cows are also finished on a grain-fed diet for 200 days resulting in a higher fat beef compared to those without a grain diet.

The second new Aussie Wagyu meat box is fascinating in its combination of six wagyu steaks along with a rare Blackmore 100% fullblood Wagyu tri-tip steak. Tri-tip is a small, triangular cut from the bottom sirloin; It is immensely flavourful but not as fat as primary cuts, however the MB9+ Blackmore wagyu breed will perfectly balance out these lean cuts while having extraordinary flavour. We guarantee you'll be pleasantly surprised with this cut if you're looking to try something beyond just ribeyes and striploins.

Blackmore Wagyu is one of the finest 100% fullblood Wagyu farms in Australia and is rare to be available at this value for money pack below.

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may day meat box

Meat Box Combo ($165):

3 x 250g 200day grain fed Black Angus MB3+ Rib eye steaks (Tender Valley)
3 x 250g 200day grain fed Black Angus MB3+ Sirloin steaks (Tender Valley)
4 x 180g Pure Beef burgers

Aussie Wagyu Box Combo ($205):

3 x 250g Wagyu Tri-tip Steaks MB9+ (Blackmore Wagyu)
3 x 250g Wagyu Sirloin steaks MB4/5 (Icon Wagyu)
4 x 180g Pure Wagyu Beef burgers