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King Crab Box (Sold out)

Although mud crabs are readily available in Singapore, King and Snow crabs aren't. Kuro Kitchen is proud to present these gourmet crabs to you!

These crabs caught from the Bering sea are humongous with a sweet flesh just great by its own. We've got both the hefty King crab and also the smaller Snow crab (AKA Queen crab) available - great with a bit of clarified butter and lemon.

In order to get the best deal, we've bundled a couple KGs of crabs together. Miss that crab buffet at the high-end restaurant? Recreate your own at home!

You can read more about the difference between King crabs and Snow crabs here.

Each set of King Crab legs weigh 900g - 1100g (1 PC)
Each set of Snow Crab Legs weigh 900g - 1000g (5-6 PC)

King Crab Box ($220):
2 sets of King Crab Legs 
1 set of Snow Crab Legs 

Snow Crab Box ($180):
2 sets of Snow Crab Legs 
1 set of King Crab Legs 

King & Queen Crab Box ($260):
2 sets of King Crab Legs 
2 sets of Snow Crab Legs 

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All crabs are cooked and delivered frozen. King and Snow Crabs are caught from the Bering Sea and shipped from Russia. Frozen crabs can be kept in the freezer safely for at least 3 months. Just thaw and crab is ready to be eaten.