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A5 Japanese Wagyu Box (Sold Out)

Since there have been quite a bit of queries about the Japanese Wagyu box we ran previously, we've brought it back with some tweaks. Personally, after trying the ribeye, I found the cut a bit too flat and wide to cook, so we're using a Striploin cut instead along with the Tenderloin. Both steaks in this box are now upgraded to A5 and are from Kagoshima, Nozaki farm. This is a very different Wagyu taste from the Aussie wagyu box we've done before with more focus on fats.

The striploins are on the thinner side due to the primal cut size, so I recommend pan-searing at 2 minutes per side, while the tenderloins can go up to 3 mins a side. Do note to let your steaks defrost to room temperature first before cooking so that it cooks evenly.

a5 kagoshima tenderloin striploin box

I always liked eating wagyu with sake and we've got 2 new sakes to recommend. Sakes to pair with Wagyu should be punchier with a bit more acidity and astringence to counter-balance the high fats.  

banshu ikkon sake pairing wagyu sari

As we all know, due to the coronavirus situation, import supplies and production are a bit slow so there might be some price increase in the future. We managed to secure a great pricing for now, but who knows later on. Better not chance it!

A5 Japanese Wagyu Box ($210):

2 x 200g A5 Kagoshima Wagyu Striploin steaks
2 x 200g A5 Kagoshima Wagyu Tenderloin steaks
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**Steaks come frozen

Recommended sake pairings for add-on (720ml bottle):

1. Sari Gowari Morohaku junmai daiginjo ($50): Subtle notes of ripe pear and green bamboo are met with hints of steamed rice and camembert. This sake has a well-balanced acidity and astringency. Elements of bitterness help to create a rich flavour that is both natural and classic.

2. Banshu Ikkon junmai ginjo ($35): Notes of melon, banana, and grape combine in this well-balanced sake that is both clean and crisp.

kagoshima a5 wagyu ssteak striploina5 kagoshima tenderloin steak