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Buying Kagoshima Wagyu in Singapore: What you need to know

Looking for Kagoshima Wagyu? What's all the hype about this beef from this particular prefecture in Japan? Many Singaporeans are searching for it and here's why.

kagoshima wagyu grand champion

Kagoshima Prefecture took the top spot in the overall Wagyu Olympics of 2017 (全国和牛能力共進会), beating out second-place Miyazaki Prefecture which won the 2012 and 2007 editions - the nationwide Wagyu Olympics is held every 5 years in Japan. Kagoshima Wagyu is considered one of the best value Japanese Wagyu because of this.

Kagoshima's wagyu black cattle (Kuroge 黒毛) have a signature tenderness and full-bodied flavour with even marbling throughout.

There are 11 prize categories, one of the more unique categories measures the quality of the fats (looking for things like the health-promoting and umami-generating oleic acid). There's also an overall winner, based on the average of scores across the categories - as mentioned, in September 2017, Kagoshima beef emerged as grand champion.

kagoshima island beef

Kagoshima, Japan (鹿児島) is located in the far south of Japan in Kyushu (九州). It's a beautiful area with a storied agricultural heritage; and it's collectively responsible for around 20% of Japan's Kuroge Washu cattle production. The island is blessed with a tropical breeze and warm sunlight, producing high quality food items such as the wagyu they are famed for. Furthermore, only A4 and A5 Kagoshima Wagyu is produced.

Kagoshima Wagyu factsheet

kagoshima wagyu ribeye

Kagoshima Wagyu taste profile: Full-bodied, rich, even marbling.

Kagoshima Wagyu cattle breed: Kuroge 黒毛 washu cattle

Available marbling grades: A4 - A5

Pricing: S$250 - S$310 / KG

Recommended cooking method: Slice into small strips and cook each one at a time. Sear the meat on a pan for 30-45s per side for thinner cuts like the ribeye, or 1-2 minutes for tenderloin. No oil needed; the fat from the A5/A4 wagyu will melt out and provide more than enough for cooking. You can season before or after cooking with sea salt.

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